Update on Ukraine 

The Russian offensive at Avdievka is failing. One of the military hospitals where wounded Russian soldiers are being sent, for instance, can no longer accept patients because it’s bursting at the seams. Others are still accepting the wounded but there are so many that things are looking bad. 

Putin is furious. He just fired a bunch of high military officials. This defeat was not anticipated, especially since this time Putin has been sending regular troops quite openly. (Before, the troops had to pretend that the had wondered into Ukraine by mistake or that they were there while on leave.) 

The reason why Russian troops are failing once again is that they are not fighting with Ukraine. They are fighting with their fantasy of Ukraine. It was much easier for them to achieve their goals in Syria because they are not emotionally attached to a fantasy of what Syrians should be like and could create real plans for actually existing situations.


4 thoughts on “Update on Ukraine ”

  1. Putin must be furious. He put all that work into the US election and Trump isn’t sending reinforcements? Terrible. No gratitude.


  2. It’s the same problem the US has with the muslim world*, they never deal with the countries as they actually exist, but with weird fantasy versions that want to be Americanized more than anything in the world.

    *actually that’s how the US deals with all countries, it just works out worse with the muslim world due to the values gap.


    1. And hey, everybody is entitled to their fantasy life. Just stop invading, is all I’m saying. Stay home, mind your own business, and fantasize extensively. This concerns both Russia and the US.


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