Waiting for a Narrative 

If you don’t define your own narrative, others will define it for you, and you’ll probably not like it. Democrats don’t have a coherent narrative on immigration. Obama deported like there was no tomorrow but his party ended up being labeled a party of open borders globalists. 

Voters care about immigration. It’s a fact of objective reality that one might not like but has to accept. One has to come up with a short, clear statement that people will understand. “No ban, no wall, no Trump” is, once again, about what you don’t want. There is zero in it about what one does want instead. And the recent election was already lost on the strategy of “vote against this.” 


7 thoughts on “Waiting for a Narrative ”

      1. You asked for a narrative, not a personal assessment of your own character, so I can’t imagine why you’d take that personally. If you’re itching for a fight for some reason, I’ll have to decline. I’m far from in the mood.


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