Silly Joke

I’ve spent an amazing day with Klara, and now I’m in the mood for silly jokes. This one is from Facebook. 


6 thoughts on “Silly Joke”

  1. I broke the word apart that way years ago.

    It is curious how different people see different things with the same information! I knew many people in Poland who had never realized that ‘dlaczego’ (which means ‘why’) was a compound of ‘dla’ and ‘czego’, meaning, respectively ‘what’ and ‘for’.


        1. “It’s exactly the same in Russian but it’s 2 words.”

          Whether written as one word or two “why” is “for what” also in:
          Modern Greek

          That might also be the etymology of German warum (Scandinavian languages use where-for)

          Even in informal English there’s ‘what – for’

          What did you do that for?

          What’s weird is English having a single morpheme with that meaning. That’s pretty unusual in European languages.


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