Direction of Rage

N’s analyst asked him today if he feels rage towards Trump. I’m guessing Trump’s been the major topic of discussion for his clients and he’s wondering why N is silent on the subject. 

N said he didn’t. And I feel the same way. I look at Trump like one does at those cockroach races – it’s repulsive in a slightly entertaining sort of way. 

My rage is directed against the incompetent losers who let him get elected. And I also feel a lot of pain for people who think he will defend their interests. I feel rage against the journalists who act like it’s huge news that he’s Putin’s puppet. There would be no Trump if it weren’t for all these people, so why blame him for pursuing his self-interest? It’s more rational than their collective self-sabotage. 

I feel the same way about Putin. I have zero anger towards him. It’s the freaks he robs while they worship him that I detest. 


3 thoughts on “Direction of Rage”

  1. Yes. I feel disgust for Trump and the Republicans (and some anxiety: I don’t want us to plunge into another economic catastrophe, to have our social institutions/natural environment eradicated, or to have a large-scale war etc. etc.) But I don’t feel rage. They are operating how they said they would operate. They are loathsome but not rage inducing.

    I personally feel rage for all the supposed liberals for whom Clinton wasn’t sufficiently pure enough to vote for: the ones who declared Trump and Clinton were somehow equally dangerous, the idiotic “both siders,” the one who stayed home because Clinton didn’t excite them. I don’t see how ANY supposed liberal didn’t feel that stopping Trump was a profound social responsibility. My disgust and anger is boundless for such people.


    1. “I’m just a working guy. Never got a college degree, dropped out of high school, and have been working my whole life. I don’t even have a pension fund because I work for myself. Trump will help people like me!” says an actual person I know. Headdesk.


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