N and I have never seen SNL but I can’t convince him to watch.

“A parody of Trump?” he says. “No way it can’t be funnier than the original.”

I find it hard to disagree. 


6 thoughts on “SNL”

  1. Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation on SNL is a disaster. Total disaster. People tell me, great people, amazing people, they tell me that my Trump impression is the best. It’s the best! It is the best. Because I know the mannerisms. I know the cadence. I know the wordly choices. Baldwin’s a loser. Sad!

    Now, Melissa McCarthy’s Spicer impression is great. And what Kate McKinnon does with Kellyanne Conway is awesome.


    1. It’s just that I hate the entire genre. I once watched several episodes of Monty Python because a boyfriend begged me to, and it was horrible. I didn’t understand any of it.


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