See Them Wriggle 

What’s really funny is the pouty wriggling of the losers who were all “Hillary is as bad as Trump” throughout the campaign. Like the brain-dead Susan Sarandon:

To the people that would “attack” her for her statements, she asked, “Really? That’s where we want to spend our time and energy?”

Sarandon sat stone-faced when Hayes pointed out that the “status quo” she feared may have just gotten “much, much worse.” . . . ‘Do you really think Hillary Clinton would have been worse?’”

“What is the point of even saying that?” Sarandon shot back…

If at least these fuckers had the courage to recognize the consequences of their actions. Why not just say, “Hey, I fucked up, sorry. Will try to blab less and chew more in blessed silence the next time around”?


21 thoughts on “See Them Wriggle ”

  1. “Why not just say, “Hey, I fucked up, sorry.”

    Are you kidding? Sarandon ISN’T sorry that Trump was elected. She thinks that somehow he’s going to bring the “revolution” that will destroy the current evil system, so that a new far-left utopia will rise from its ashes.

    If Trump doesn’t stay in office for the next four years — and at this point, there’s no reason to believe that he won’t complete his term — then the country will simply have President Pence, who is much more conservative.


    1. I hope he doesn’t get impeached. Unless he serves out his term, his poor deluded supporters will not relinquish the fantasy that what he promised them was deliverable. That dream needs to die.


        1. They’ll keep voting for the same kind of people and worse unless they get a very big fill of this shit. It’s suffer now with a chance of shutting the whole thing down in 4 years or dragging it out indefinitely.

          A horrible end or unending horror,


      1. “his poor deluded supporters will not relinquish the fantasy that what he promised them was deliverable. That dream needs to die.”

        If you’re talking about the non-elite whites whose lives and communities were devastated by the policies of the last 35 years than their dream is purpose and dignity which no other politician can even pretend to offer or care about.

        Wanting that dream to die is not a million miles away friom wanting them to die.
        What can you offer as an alternate? (keeping in mind the realities on the ground)


        1. It’s no secret what I’d like to see. I’ve been bugging people with this for two years. My ideal scenario would be a fortified nation-state to soften the blows delivered by the transformations we are experiencing. The transformations are inevitable but the degree of suffering people will experience as a result is not set in stone.


          1. What do you mean by “fortified” exactly?

            When one thinks of a fortress, the image of strong walls is the first one to rise in one’s mind, so it’s unsurprising that Trump supporters dream about this fortified nation state by imagining a physical wall.

            The question I have is who in the political system will fortify the state, how exactly it can be done and, most importantly, why would those political actors want to do that?

            How can a state “soften the blows delivered by the transformations”? I can think only of talking to people, explaining them what is going on and investing money into education and reeducation. However, even then there will be numerous former and would-have-been manual workers whose jobs will be taken by robots.

            Talking about elites reminded me of this quote from “Mary Stuart” by Zweig (despite numerous important differences):

            Искусственная, фальшивая натяжка – приписывать ей задним числом некое национально-патриотическое чувство, открытое веками позднее. Князьям пятнадцатого, шестнадцатого веков – всем, не исключая ее великой антагонистки Елизаветы, – дела нет до их народов, а лишь до своей личной власти. Империи перекраиваются, как платья, государства создаются войнами и браками, а не пробуждением национального самосознания. Не надо впадать в сентиментальную ошибку; Мария Стюарт той поры готова променять Шотландию на испанский, французский, английский, да, в сущности, на любой другой престол; вероятно, ни слезинки не проронила б она, расставаясь с лесами, озерами и романтическими замками своей отчизны; ее неумное честолюбие рассматривает это маленькое государство всего лишь как трамплин для более высокой цели. Она знает, что по своему рождению призвана к власти, знает, что красота и блестящее воспитание делают ее достойной любой европейской короны, и с той беспредметной мечтательностью, с какой ее сверстницы грезят о безграничной любви, грезит ее честолюбие лишь о безграничной власти.


            1. Great quote. Nationalism was entirely alien to pretty much everybody before the 18-19th centuries because it hadn’t been invented yet. People were, if anything, into their own small region.

              As for what can be done, of course I mean welfare provisions but the kind that don’t marginalize people. This means not declaring everybody who is lost in the new state-form “disabled” and letting them rot from heroin that you make it very easy for them to buy.


            1. I’m not sure GSLIC has anyone in his life who sees they can gain more from seeking power of attorney than letting him run amok.
              Besides, he’s always been lawyered up to the gills attaching non-competes, NDAs to everything & everyone around him. He’s always used money as a weapon, and no good deed would go unpunished so all anybody would accomplish would be endless SLAPP suits and being cut out of his will. All of his children & relations are nothing without that money, so why would they risk it?


  2. “Yes, as it often happens, this kind of thing is very profitable for a bunch of people, so nothing gets done.”

    The republican party, in this particular case. They’ll get their tax cuts and elimination of all regulations, so it’s actually preferable that the president is a senile moron who doesn’t have the attention span to read the statements he signs.


    1. The idiot Paul Ryan and his gang of freaks are hoping to use Trump to advance their agenda. They are so obsessed and stupid that they are not even considering the risks of letting Trump run unchecked.


      1. Jason Chaffetz, who is calling for an investigation into the Clinton aide over EMAILS to this fucking day is refusing to investigate Flynn ties to Russia.


    1. Translation: I’m concern trolling because the wage gap is the only thing I have going for me. No woman who makes as much as I do will give me the time of day. If my wife doesn’t need my money, she’ll leave me.


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