A Day Without Immigrants 

Without meaning to or even knowing it was going on, this immigrant participated in the Day Without Immigrants. I had to cancel class because of a massive attack of barfing. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t count if it was unconscious. 


6 thoughts on “A Day Without Immigrants ”

  1. Where’s your sense of social justice?

    Don’t you know that all the immigrants in this country are HISPANIC — and they’re all being horribly persecuted?


  2. I had to cancel class because of a massive attack of barfing.
    Yours or Klara’s or both? O_x Hope everyone feels better!

    There is a time honored tradition of a sick-out, so don’t count yourself out.


  3. In my classes (both taught by the same professor), my professor wrote a note on the board explaining that he was only here because of his students. Then all the students who are immigrants or whose parents (or grandparents, or great-grandparents, in some cases), signed their name under the statement and put what country they/their ancestors were from.

    On another note, feel better! This is the absolute worst time to be sick. 😦

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