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I read on a Russian website  (yes, I know, but still) that Trump is planning to deport green card holders who have been on some form of welfare for a significant period of time. Is it true?

Wouldn’t be that bad of an idea, either. 


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10 thoughts on “Wondering 

  1. Stringer Bell on said:

    I read about it too. It’s not limited to welfare. Any assistance (even in-kind vs cash) for any period of time gets you deported and your sponsor made to reimburse the cash value of the services provided.


  2. How much is welfare in the US? In Sweden I have heard that ours could be 2500 in dollars. Nothing is in coupons or vouchers


  3. Agriculture uses low wage workers who would be eligible for Medicaid in states that allow it. That would affect everything from strawberry fields in California to apple growers in New England. Getting rid of these migrant workers would simple jack up food prices in the US. We’ve been through major inflation in food prices in the past, and it’s not pretty.


    • These are not green card holders. These are illegal immigrants.


      • Not always. Many in my area are legal migrant workers. They work through an organization that ensures the companies they work for give them a contracted wage and housing (it’s not always ideal housing, and sometimes they end up renting apartments instead). Most are not green card holders, though, and make enough through their contract that they don’t need or are applicable for any form of state or federal aid. Last year they had a lot of issues getting into the country, even though everything’s aboveboard.


        • If people are brought in legally by a company, that company should pay them enough for them to live. I detest it when companies make a profit from paying ridiculously low wages and expecting the welfare state to make up the shortage.


          • In this particular case, the company is contractually obligated to pay at least a living wage. They also make sure the migrant workers aren’t working overwhelmingly long hours. There are probably other, shadier associations who don’t have the same sort of contracts, though.


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