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Letter to the President

From Klara’s daily daycare report:

Happy National Anthem Day! Today we listened to the anthem of our country, “The Star Spangled Banner.” We tried to say the word “anthem” while we listened to it! – Goals: Sings a new word , Tries to sing Pledge of Allegiance 

Motor skills

We pretended to write the President a letter! We each got our own crayons and paper and marked on the paper as if we were writing a letter. – Goals: Puts paper in an envelope , Uses writing or drawing tools with limited coordination

I wonder what they could have possibly put in that letter. 


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8 thoughts on “Letter to the President

  1. Dreidel on said:

    How about “Keep up the good work!”


    • Stringer Bell on said:


    • A completely serious question: what is it that Trump is doing that you like?


      • Dreidel on said:

        “what is it that Trump is doing that you like?”

        Completely serious answer:
        He’s appointing conservative cabinet members whose views I mostly agree with. He’s already nonimated one excellent Supreme Court justice, and will probably have the opportunity to appoint one or two more. He’s proposed major changes in the tax code that will benefit U.S. business and lower taxes for individuals with investments in the stock market (many Americans nowadays, not just the “rich”).
        He’s also proposed a much-needed build-up in U.S. military forces.

        In other words, he’s supporting a conservative Republican agenda that will swing U.S. politics back to right-center from Obama’s misguided ever-more-leftward course.

        Whether or not I like Trump as a person is totally beside the point. It’s the policies of his (or any other President’s) administration that matters.


        • Thank you!

          You see, people? Trump is giving everything on the Republican wish list to his voters. We will be remiss if we fail to notice this in the gale if all the inane tweet drama and meaningless scandal.

          Let the horrible debacle of the pussy grabbing video serve as a lesson to us.


  2. Shakti on said:

    When I was first aware of the President, he was “that old man on tv.”
    Of course neither of my parents were avid followers of politics and my preschool and kindergarten didn’t have civics lessons, IRC.


  3. “I wonder what they could have possibly put in that letter”

    Deer Mr. Prezident,

    More cookees!

    Fuchure voter


  4. \ You see, people? Trump is giving everything on the Republican wish list to his voters.

    On a related note, Binyamin Netanyahu doesn’t give everything to me, but Uri’s last column proved once again why voting for him was the least bad option:

    When I look at politicians Left of Netanyahu, Herzog’s plan is a joke, while Yair Lapid is a high school dropout without a bagrut (high school matriculation certificate). Need I say more?

    As for those right of Netanyahu, we have “The Jewish Home,” an Orthodox Jewish, religious Zionist political party. I would never vote for them, both because of them being too Right wing and because of the religious aspect.


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