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Is Brill a respectable publishing house? Or is it one of those vanity presses?

I had an article accepted in an edited volume. But then the publishing house went bankrupt. The editors had it accepted at another publishing house. And then it went bankrupt. Now they have it accepted at Brill, and I’m worried our edited volume will destroy Brill, too.


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2 thoughts on “Brill

  1. A lot of good work is in Brill, esp. good medieval work. I am not sure how “vanity” it is or not, now that respectable places like Purdue Romance Monographs require subventions. That is: nowadays, requiring a subvention doesn’t necessarily mean vanity in the way that it used to. But I wouldn’t reject out of hand, and it seems that by now the thing needs to get into print. I would maybe let them try this and then if it fails pull my piece — unless you already want to just send it to a journal.


    • Great suggestion. I mostly gave up on the piece since this has been going on forever.

      And yes, I was shocked about Purdue. They don’t even look at the proposal until you secure the payment. It’s sad.

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