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TRMS’s Big Scoop

I don’t know why so many people are so excited about this “big scoop” of Rachel Maddow’s. All it means is that legal immigrants is in just much of a danger as the illegal ones irrespective of how long ago they came in. Yippee.

That report was seen as a blow to the Trump administration, which is hoping to put his travel ban on more solid footing with proof of risk from citizens of the seven countries.

It’s like people are soft in the heads. A blow? This report is a fucking gift.

We are surrounded by idiots.


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6 thoughts on “TRMS’s Big Scoop

  1. You are right on both counts (gift, idiots). I feel ill.


  2. Based on what I’ve read, it’s also true for Europe and imo a legitimate reason against receiving millions from Middle East and Africa.


  3. \ All it means is that legal immigrants is in just much of a danger as the illegal ones irrespective of how long ago they came in. Yippee.

    I sincerely hope your family is in zero danger. (Reread your post after commenting, noticed that sentence and that my comment was insensitive.)

    I do think truth is better than ignorance, lies and propaganda, even if it seems to be a gift for Trump in this case. It will be a gift only as long as Liberals don’t enter the conversation and offer their own solutions and analysis.

    Btw, just a couple of days ago, I felt unpleasant reading the following despite FSU immigrants being super welcome in mainstream Israel and contributing to the country:

    Family and friends refuse to believe Belarusian immigrant tried to join ISIS.

    Despite the Shin Bet painting a detailed picture of Mazalevsky’s growing interest in ISIS and his being detained at the airport with a one-way ticket to Turkey, family and friends struggle with the allegations.Family and friends refuse to believe Belarusian immigrant tried to join ISIS,7340,L-4929506,00.html

    I didn’t link it then because I remembered your posts on antisemitic and lost-in-Israel FSU immigrants, and didn’t want to strengthen the wrong impression by bringing this unusual freaky case to your notice.

    Most FSU immigrants to Israel contribute to the country, and their children serve (and sometimes die) in IDF, whether they’re halachically Jewish or no. I served with them myself and met large numbers of them (I had a special opportunity), so I am speaking from experience.

    If you agreed with Blumenthal’s description of “mobs of Russian teens … attacking Holocaust survivors” as being representative of FSU immigrants to Israel, is it strange that some American and European people are suspicious of Muslim immigrants, especially when high profile cases of extremism exist?

    Btw, in Germany:

    \ [28 February 2017] Berlin truck attacker’s mosque banned amid major police raid

    \ [2 March 2017] German police on Thursday arrested two Syrians and a Bosnian for alleged offences in jihadist groups active in war-torn Syria, including the execution of three dozen civilians.


    \ [3 March 2017] A small southwest German town said it had received a bomb threat on Friday, a day after blocking a rally by Turkey’s justice minister to promote a referendum on expanding President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s powers.

    Germany is home to about three million people of Turkish origin, the legacy of a massive “guest worker” programme in the 1960s and 70s. It is the biggest population of Turks in the world outside Turkey.

    Erdogan’s government is keen to harness their votes for the April 16th referendum.

    Critics say the new presidential system will cement one-man rule in the country.


    • I’m a citizen of Canada. I can just go to Canada in case things get hairy over here. There, at least, I won’t have to avoid doctors because it’s either seeking care or losing your credit rating.

      As for the guy joining ISIS, this thing has no national or ethnic roots. It’s a truly global phenomenon. This fellow could have been from literally anywhere.


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