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“The Russian government is savoring the severe damage to America’s international image as a result of the tumultuous first weeks of the Trump administration’s tenure,” said Andrew Weiss, a former Clinton White House National Security Council official for Russian affairs.

“Savoring” is putting it mildly. Anybody with an ounce of warm feeling towards the US would cringe when seeing the explosions of joy that accompany every Russian newscast on “chaos” in US government. 

“And so the Republicans rolled out their own version of Obamacare but guess what? There is no support for it even within their own party!”

The newscaster laughs heartily, and a group of “experts” sitting in a circle around him say things like, “And this is their vaunted democracy! They can’t agree on anything! It’s nothing but chaos. And that’s the kind of system they wanted to impose on us? No, thanks!”


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2 thoughts on “Glee

  1. “And that’s the kind of system they wanted to impose on us? No thanks!”
    To be honest with you that sort of IS “food for thought” in some ways.
    …Just saying …


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