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Drawbacks of Unsociability

It’s great to be unsociable because the time not spent socializing goes into your intellectual growth and family life. But there are drawbacks. For instance, nobody tells you about the time change, and you end up getting up at six and milling uselessly about the house, worrying why the baby is not getting up and is she unwell and why the cell phone is showing the wrong time and is it broken again. 


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9 thoughts on “Drawbacks of Unsociability

  1. Eric Parsonage on said:

    Will all those hours saved not socialising you should find it easy to keep up with annual events like daylight saving.


  2. Dreidel on said:

    Yet another good reason — as if more were needed — to live in Arizona.

    We’re the ONLY state in the Continental U.S. that doesn’t go on daylight saving time.


  3. Spiderbaby on said:

    For me it’s the opposite; I need to debate with other people if I want to grow intellectualy, otherwise my brain goes numb.
    Which is incredibly annoying, because I’m not very sociable myslf :/


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