Outdated Election Practices

Another huge problem with the Clinton campaign were the endless fundraising emails. They made her look dishonest  (because they were dishonest) and made her sound like a telemarketer. Trump wasn’t doing the fundraising carpet-bombing. He was getting the coverage on his own, with his own media presence. That made him look stronger and more capable. 

The whole Clinton campaign was beyond outdated. I hope these lessons have been learned and future Dem candidates ditch these old-time practices.  

And by the way, the supremely obnoxious Monica Vernon who spammed my mailbox with half a dozen of teary emails A DAY for over a year and who made me hate her name forever and ever lost the election to a Tea Party freak. 

So candidates, please, enough begging. Go do things yourself, show that you are not a bottomless money-guzzler. 


6 thoughts on “Outdated Election Practices”

    1. It looks like Democrats agree. In those hundreds of emails I got from the Monica Vernon campaign, there was not a single policy point, not a single thing mentioned that she stood for. I still have no idea what her platform was.

      So yeah, it’s a problem.


      1. So do you know the joke about the book Dan Miller is referring to?

        Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensice Guide is an actual best-selling paperback book on Amazon.com (costs $6.98) — and all of its 266 pages are BLANK! 🙂


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