Klara loves pens. Whenever she sees me with a pen (which is, obviously, all the time), she takes it away. After a couple of hours of gathering every pen in sight, her little fists look like hedgehogs.


5 thoughts on “Pens”

  1. Just out of curiosity, do you ever use a fountain pen nowadays instead of a ballpoint? (When I was in college 50 years ago, ballpoint pens weren’t allowed in Englsi composition classes.)


    1. Why weren’t ballpoint pens allowed? Pens are, for the most part, pens, and fountain pens are much harder to write with, in my experience.


      1. It was the same in the Soviet Union. My mother’s generation wasn’t allowed to write with ballpoints precisely because it was too easy. It’s like some teachers don’t allow calculators in class.


  2. “Why weren’t ballpoint pens allowed?”

    Because at the time they were considered too tacky for a university English composition class.

    We also had to write essays in class in legible cursive script.


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