Fake News 

Hey, did you hear? Kellyanne Conway said Obama spied on Trump through the microwave. 

I know, I know. The idea that somebody as rich as Trump would use a microwave is ludicrous. 


3 thoughts on “Fake News ”

  1. Have you been keeping up with the CIA Vault 7 developments?

    Apparently the CIA, other domestic intelligence entities and foreign intelligence entities as well, have the capability to spy on people through their television sets and other appliances. Microwaves? That may be a stretch, but we have no way of knowing.

    Absurd? Laughable? Conspiracy theory stuff? Perhaps. But with the rapid “advances” in technology, labeling something a conspiracy theory does not necessarily render it too incredible for consideration.

    One of my basic premises is not to trust the government — any government, including ours, and yes that includes the Trump administration — without a factual basis for doing so. For now, I simply have no way of knowing what capabilities our intelligence agencies — as well as foreign intelligence agencies — may have.


  2. Like I said, it’s funny to see how everyone’s hot takes line up with their interests.

    The deep state is trying to undermine GSL when it isn’t and it’s the FBI! Except when the FBI head does an aboutface! Screaming about hackers and voting machines is ridiculous! But microwaving a baked potato in my non IoT microwave means 1984 is nigh! Are you all surfing.this blog through a VPN?


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