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The Need for God

“The majority needs God because they have nothing else. And the remaining minority needs God because they have everything but,” said Tolstoy. Today, the majority and the minority have swapped places but the quote is still true.


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7 thoughts on “The Need for God

  1. Dreidel on said:

    I personally don’t see belief in a diety as a big deal at all.

    I gradually quit believing as an adolescent because all the idiot preachers in my hometown were so adamantly opposed to the obvious reality of human evolution, and I figured if the adults could be so wrong about that, they might be wrong about everything.

    In all the long years since, I’ve never worried about being an atheist one way or the other. It’s never affected my career, my relationships, or anything else in my life.


  2. Dreidel on said:

    Hey, Clarissa, have you ever wondered why some of your postings (like the ones on Klara’s behavior, tonight her fondness for pens) get so many comments — while certain much more intriguing ones, like your post here quoting Tolstoy about God — are totally ignored? 🙂 🙂


    • Because everybody believes in Klara but not everybody believes in God?

      What’s your explanation?


      • Dreidel on said:

        “What’s you explanation?”

        Actually, I think that you and el provided the answer in your two comments:

        Just about everybody who reads your website is familiar with your cute little girl and enjoys hearing occasional antecdotes about her, but not everyone is familiar with (or interested in) all the varied issues that you raise.

        For example, I know nothing about the current intrigues and melodramas of academic life, so when you post about that subject. I read your post and the comments from your fellow academic readers, but have nothing knowledgeable to say. Same thing with Rauner and Illinois politics.

        Also, sometimes you get on a roll and post multiple intriguing posts in a very short time, and your readers have to pick and choose which ones to take the time to respond to. (By the way, that’s a compliment. Your short, multiple posts on a wide variety of subjects make your blog MUCH more interesting than many sites whose webmasters/mistresses feel like they have to make every posting a 1,000-word essay.)

        Since THIS comment is already too long, I’ll add a final, overused phrase: Keep up the good work!


    • \ while certain much more intriguing ones, like your post here quoting Tolstoy about God — are totally ignored?

      I love such posts, but if I don’t have anything valuable to add, don’t comment.

      Hope you keep posting them.


  3. There are, of course, multiple gods. And goddesses. We humans create them as we need them. “Belief” need not enter into the discussion/experience at all.


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