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The First Artistic Experience

Klara took a pen and defaced my new Zygmunt Bauman  (I’ve started a collection, hoping to gather all.books he’s ever published.) She’s smart, though, and only drew on a blank page. There’s a bunch of them at the end of the book, for note-taking purposes. 

This was when I realized that Klara is ready for working on art projects with me. I gave her a big white sheet of thick paper and a box of crayons, and she was truly ready because she didn’t even try to eat them.

After she drew, I showed her a sheet of stickers (I’ve had these materials ready for months). She’d point to a sticker, I’d give it to her, and she’d attach it to the drawing. This was hard because stickers keep sticking to little fingers but she did 8 entirely on her own. 

I hated this kind of thing when I was a kid. I hated everything that wasn’t reading. So now I can enjoy it vicariously. 


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