The Non-existent Epidemic

My doctor (the one who relented and took us on in spite of you-know-what) is sending out notices that she’ll no longer be prescribing long-term pain medication. The situation here is getting pretty dire. People at the gym, at the salon, everywhere are whispering about somebody they know who’s become addicted. 

We are a rich town but there are dozens of small townlets surrounding it that are quite devastated. 


4 thoughts on “The Non-existent Epidemic”

  1. Most doctors don’t prescribe long term pain medication for several reasons (this is what I’ve been told): 1)they’ve got to account to the DEA for every single pain pill they prescribe; 2)most doctors are NOT pain management specialists at all (your average OB-GYN/internist doesn’t really get fibromyalgia for example) 3)saying you prescribe longterm pain pills means you’re a magnet for every drug seeking, doctor shopping person within a 50 mile radius, and 4)they tend to be noncompliant annoyances in other ways.

    Anethesiologists, for example, are closely watched (sometimes people get high off their own supply).


  2. “sending out notices that she’ll no longer be prescribing long-term pain medication”

    Good! Did you send here a thank you letter? Sometimes little bits of encouragement are a big help.


      1. I’m not sure if it’s accepted protocol but who cares? If she sent this information by email just a short email back with a few words of support should be fine. If it was a letter that might be weird but then you could just casually mention it the next time you’re there (to receptionist and nurses that happen to be around too).

        It can’t hurt even if it doesn’ help….


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