I was so against the Eurovision’s bearded lady, but I tried to remember some of the Eurovision performers from the past few years, and other than the bearded lady and the Russian babushkas, I can’t remember anybody. And I only remember the bearded lady’s beard, not the song. So in the end, it’s just the babushkas whose Eurovision song I can still recall. 

Oh, and there was also this amazing Greek woman called Elena many years ago. Her Eurovision song was the bomb.

By the way, does anybody want me to blog about the current Eurovision controversy that’s raging right now? Or is nobody here into Eurovision?


3 thoughts on “Eurovision ”

  1. I loves me some Eurovision but there haven’t been that many memorable songs recently, though there was this from last year:

    My favorite performances are the horribly misguided trainwrecks… but there haven’t been as many of those in recent years. I also preferred it when they sang in their own languages than in crappy Euro-English.

    My problem with Conchita Wurst (bearded lady) wasn’t the gimmick itself (gender fuckery is hardly new at Eurvision) but the way people were trying to pretend it meant something either as a sign of the apocolypse (it’s Eurovision not the seventh seal) or as some kind of “trans” moment (it’s a guy in a dress – like Verka Serduchka).


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