Angry Russian or Ungrateful Muslim?

So there was this big story in Russia where a drunkard assaulted a doctor at a hospital. This was caught in video, the whole thing went viral and inspired a mountain of talk shows about alcoholism and doctor safety in Russia. 

A bit later, the video of the angry Russian drunkard went viral in Spain. Of course, in Spain nobody cares about aggressive drunks in Novgorod, so the story was presented as an assault by a Muslim on a Spanish doctor. “This is how Muslims repay the kind welcome we give them here in Europe!” the Spaniard who disseminated the video explained. The video went viral because who doesn’t want to stare at an ungrateful Muslim?

Spain is one of few exceptions in Europe in that it doesn’t have a far-right party. But as I predicted in my book, this will only be true for a small period of time. 


2 thoughts on “Angry Russian or Ungrateful Muslim?”

  1. “Spain is one of few exceptions in Europe in that it doesn’t have a far-right party. ”

    It doesn’t have any or doesn’t have any that are major players?

    Poland has a couple that are very small and marginal but none that are major players (the ruling party, awful as it is cannot be described as ‘far right’ in any kind of intellectually honest way.


    1. It has a tiny little group that calls itself La Falange, after the fascist party of the Civil War. There is a couple more tiny groupsies. But these are not the people who can run for serious office because they are more like interest clubs. For now.


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