Apple Mystery

Can anybody explain why when I give Klara a cored, skinned apple that I cut up into convenient little pieces, she pushes it away and tries to grab the huge apple that I’m eating and that she can barely hold on to? And when I relinquish it and bite into a second apple, she grabs the second one, too?


9 thoughts on “Apple Mystery”

  1. You’re her role model. She wants to be like you and to do what you do. Perfectly normal with kids of that age. To paraphrase a standard joke, kids worship their parents until age 8, and start to respect them again at 25.


  2. Because she is 1? It’s a great way to get kids to try new foods: just put it only on your plate and pretend it is only for mommy/daddy and then “give in” and let them have some 😉


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