Literature Games

We had a day of creative assignments with students today. First, I asked them to write a short story in the style of the postwar Spanish writers who had to mask their political message and social criticism because of censorship. One group came up with a story about an obnoxious orange monkey who had a bunch of obnoxious children and wanted to rule everybody. It was lots of fun. 

Then I asked students to write the sentence “It’s Thursday” in the style of an Enlightened essayist, a Romantic poet, a realist novelist, and a modernist. Students are very creative. They came up with really good sentences. And this is a much better review activity than “Let’s make a list of the characteristics of modernist art.”


3 thoughts on “Literature Games”

  1. Thursday has been Man’s emergence from a self-imposed Wednesday.

    It is again this day of thirst,
    the middle-most of days,
    How I wish Jupiter unclothed, uncrowned
    And my gullet filled with lightning!

    “Is it Friday?” I asked, dumbfounded.
    “Thursday.” The headman corrected me.

    She always had a respectable fear of Thursdays. It seemed to her unfair for days to loop around that way, and her be wriggling on the tip of time’s spear. She crumpled up the calendar sheet. It smelled of ink.


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