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The Price of Triumphalism

A president’s approval ratings two months after inauguration do not matter because there is no election they can impact. Nobody will remember these ratings in 4 days, let alone 4 years. 

The endless triumphalist discussions of the ratings play the same role as the inane pussy marches. They create a sense that something big is on the verge of happening and prevent people from actually doing anything. 

Russian dissidents have existed for the past 15 years in the mode of “we are about to win.” In their narrative, Putin is about to flee the country in terror of the dissidents. In the meanwhile, Putin is as strong as ever. 

The triumphalist feelings of “we are about to get them! Something big is about to happen!” is one of the mechanisms by which consumer society keeps people docile. It substitutes the boring slog of grinding daily work that can bring change with the festive feeling of instant gratification that’s just around the corner.  


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3 thoughts on “The Price of Triumphalism

  1. Shakti on said:

    A president’s approval ratings two months after inauguration do not matter because there is no election they can impact.
    At this point I yawn and declare since we don’t have a parlimentary system that would force a no confidence vote, it doesn’t matter. But knowing GSL, he’d probably dare people to make him anyways, even in that system.
    It has much the same effect as watching Dr. Oz and his diet tips. “I follow all of these! Why don’t I look like a super model!”


  2. Shakti on said:

    The web site focuses on state legislation and several issue areas. There’s a link on the site to find out who your state legislators are. If you click on the map and a state it’ll show you the process of bills in those areas and notes who controls what legislature. It gives you a guide on how to approach your local representatives.

    Notes: The website seems to work better on my phone than on a computer (using Chrome).
    Also, it doesn’t quite mention your health care/budget issues, but you can definitely use the info to contact them or get your colleagues who are voters to contact them. Perhaps you and a group can try to arrange an ask to meet with your local state reps to ask them to do something about Rauner?


  3. Stringer Bell on said:

    Can I feel a little bit happy about this? 😀


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