A Peek at the News

Oh, wow, I did peek at the news and it looks like Mr. Isolationist just started a new war? Or, rather, ramped up an old one?

Back to Facebook; it’s more unpredictable over there. 


13 thoughts on “A Peek at the News”

  1. Even clinton came out of hiding to support this war. lol @ The Resistance.


  2. God, I hate the neocons (the cackhanded warmongers who got the US into Iraq and Libya) easily as much as you hate Putin.

    Syria is a tar baby, there is no good way to ‘intervene’ and there is no good side to support. It is not the US’s businesness. Period.


  3. Liberal media.


  4. Q: How do you get the support of the Washington establishment?

    A: Drop a bunch of bombs on Arabs in a mulit-sided conflict that you don’t even begin to understand, because… when has US military interference in the Middle East had a bad result?


  5. I saw some nice-sounding news today:

    Russia recognizes western Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

    Russia reverses decades of policy on Jerusalem, but still refuses to recognize Israeli claim to eastern half of city.

    Israeli officials refused to comment on the surprise announcement. “We are studying the matter,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon said.

    It is unknown whether Jerusalem will welcome the announcement in light of the continued refusal to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over eastern Jerusalem.

    Israel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the liberation and reunification of Jerusalem this June.


  6. Looks like another terrorist attack in Europe:

    \ STOCKHOLM—Swedish media say a truck has crashed into a department store in central Stockholm, several people injured.
    Swedish radio says Friday that three people have been killed in the crash and Swedish broadcaster SVT says shots have been fired.

    As for Israel,

    // An approximately 20-year-old man was killed and a 19-year-old one was injured in a vehicular attack on Thursday morning at a bus stop outside of Ofra, north of Jerusalem in the West Bank.

    Malak Hamed was arrested following the attack and taken for interrogation by the Shin Bet. He is part of the Hamed extended family, which is linked to Hamas. Nine members of the family have committed terrorist crimes in the West Bank over the years.

    Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai froze all entry permits into Israel for members of Hamed’s family later in the day.

    his brother was arrested, and 6 stolen vehicles were seized along with NIS 40,000 that served to fund terrorism.


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