I now regret that I didn’t approach the student who recited his poem at the pageant to thank him in person. I was afraid I’d break down and weep because it was really a very powerful poem. I hope he knows he’s talented. It’s a rare gift that can make strangers cry in response to the power of art.

This is one of the students who come to us from East St Louis, overcoming enormous odds and creating a whole life for themselves. It’s such a joy to see them do research, create art, travel overseas, get job interviews. 

How can anybody really think we need fewer schools like mine? It makes no sense. 


One thought on “Poet”

  1. Send him a note (paper or electronic). Sometimes even a little encouragement from another human is just what’s needed to hold on longer and keep on moving forward in one’s life.

    It can have more long-lasting positive power than you might think.


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