The Spin 

A loss in Kansas, a loss in Georgia. I don’t care if it’s a red district or not. I don’t care that the numbers look promising. I stared at promising numbers in red states throughout 2016. I don’t want promises. I want results. 

I can’t believe we are still hearing the ridiculous spiel about how great it is that this particular loss is smaller than it could have been. 


4 thoughts on “The Spin ”

    1. It’s a loss. If he didn’t win in the first round, he needs a miracle to win in the second. Trump is congratulating his opponent, and with good reason.


      1. If we’re going by “who is taking the seat”, then Kansas is a loss and nobody has taken that Georgia seat, so by definition it’s not a loss or a win for either party…yet. Because the rules for a special election in Georgia demand that someone gets at least 51%, nobody won.

        I do not think it’s 100% that Handel is going to take that seat simply because she got significantly less votes than Ossoff. It’s not close percentage-wise.
        So if you want to be pessimistic, Handel will probably win because it’s a Republican district (over 40 years) but really, in a district that red she should have gotten the most votes. Or literally ANY Republican should have gotten the most votes. These are actual votes we’re talking about, not polls.

        So what kind of fluke do you think this is?


        1. The only win that will matter to me is an actual seat that goes blue. I don’t want any more favorable signs or promising polls. There’s been enough of that since the summer of 2015, and look where we are. I’m very disturbed by all the self-congratulating rhetoric I’m hearing. The Georgia fellow was literally gloating yesterday, what about I’m not entirely sure.

          They seem to think that “Trump is bad!” will win them the House in 2018.


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