African Rhythms

The only thing in Lion King I’d prefer to be different is to have more African rhythms and less signature Elton John stuff.

African rhythms return us to the genetic memory of our shared origins. It’s like hearing the heartbeat of our archetypal mother that all human beings have in common. 

As the cradle of humanity, Africa is a place whose well-being is the pre-condition to the well-being of the entire planet.


5 thoughts on “African Rhythms”

  1. “I’d prefer to be different is to have more African rhythms”

    Challenge accepted!

    People can post vids of African music (at least I will until you tell me to stop). My favorite African music is from the Eastern/Southern parts of the continent so I’ll start at nothern edge with Somalia


  2. Back to South Africa, funny story with this one. The album (pictured in the video) was a favorite of mine. I was invited to a party (pretty international) and asked to bring some dance records and it’s one of the ones I brought.
    I started playing it and one guy from South Africa (had not been in the US long) shouted out “Obed Ngobeni! Obed Ngobeni! He lives on the same street as I do!”


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