No to Dynasties

I don’t care if Obama accepts hundreds of thousands or millions in speaking fees from absolutely anybody, including Putin. As long as nobody carrying his last name runs for office, I’m very happy never to think of him again. 

And mind you, I deeply admire and respect Obama. But if the Bush and the Clinton sagas taught us anything, it’s that attempts to create political dynasties are a horrible idea. This is not Latin America, where once you elect somebody, you can’t get shot of them and their useless family ever again. When a politician’s term in office runs out, that politician should forever disappear from politics and take their brood with them. 

I’m very paranoid about having the next generation visited upon us. Imagine after Trump’s term finally runs out having to observe the next five generations of the family trying to get elected. No, the whole practice should be condemned right now. 


8 thoughts on “No to Dynasties”

  1. I don’t like it. But the whole handwringing over ‘ex-Presidents accept money to give speeches to Wall Street’ feels like concern trolling when there is so much wholesale corruption in the government right now from the current occupant and his family. Or fighting the last war in an alternate reality.
    I couldn’t have imagined that the timeline in which an ex-President’s wife won the election has less nepotism and kickbacks than the billionaire and his family kept afloat by the inherited wealth and possible money laundering. And yes, my entire reply looks ludicrous. I’m aware.


    1. Great point. For years, I was saying in my classes, “This kind of corruption is something that doesn’t happen in the US and is hard for us to imagine.” This year I opened my mouth to say it. . . and had to shut up. Because here it’s now worse. Fuck this.


  2. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. My hate for the Trump regime is not diluted by my disappointment at a President from my ‘team’ being rewarded by an industry he protected and enriched.


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