EO, Part I

And now, folks, I want to publish a couple of feel-good posts that will brighten up your day.

EO is an international organization of entrepreneurs that has chapters in almost all countries of the world. It accepts successful entrepreneurs who get together to conduct a variety of programs. One program is an accelerator for young businesses who are put together with successful business people acting as mentors and helping them to succeed.

But the EO’s most impressive venture is an international competition for entrepreneurial students. Each country holds its own contest and sends the winner to the¬†international competition. This year the international contest was held in Frankfurt. Young contestants are brought in completely free of charge and the organization takes care of their visas.

This year, the winner was an 18-year-old kid from Mexico who invented a device that a woman puts in her bra and wears for 6 hours, after which the device tells if she has breast cancer with a 20% greater efficiency than a mammogram. And the best part is that he is planning to sell the device for $100 to make it available to everybody.

The second place went to a young woman from Malaysia who created a program that brings cheaper books to a population where reading rates are historically low.

The third place went to a young fellow from Pakistan who invented prosthetics that are 10 times cheaper than the cheapest existing ones.


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