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For Women and Mexicans

Here is an article about the young Mexican inventor who came up with a cancer diagnosing tool that’s more effective than a mammogram

Note how shitty the source is and how ridiculous the title and the picture are. But at least they are reporting this because nobody else is. 

All of the people who poured an ocean of ink into the entirely ridiculous and trivial subjects of Trump’s pussy-grabbing and Mexican comments are ignoring a story that can prove to be the most important piece of news for women in decades while improving the image of Mexicans dramatically. You know why? Because they don’t give a crap about women or Mexicans. All they want is to feel outraged in their unblemished virtue. 

I ask students in my Hispanic Civ course what they associate Mexico with and the response is invariably “drugs, immigrants and beaches.” Wouldn’t it be simply awesome if Mexico added “science and invention” to that list?


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14 thoughts on “For Women and Mexicans

  1. We do associate Mexico with science and invention. I have joint publications with Mexican mathematicians. I have visited universities there numerous times.


    • If the results of the recent presidential election haven’t made it clear that you are in a tiny minority on this (as on most other things), then I don’t know what will.


      • …you are in a tiny minority on this (as on most other things)…

        I suspect that I am in a bare majority. The fact that the others get more publicity does not mean that there are more of them.


        • I once again want to remind that I teach literally hundreds of students each year and inevitably ask them about this. The word “science” did not come up a single time.

          Let’s conduct an experiment. Stop a stranger outside- but not on campus- and ask. Let’s see what they say, although I know it won’t be “science.”


  2. Anon on said:

    It sounds like a very cool invention — kudos to the inventor. Now if a Stanford-graduate daughter of a Silicon valley millionaire had invented it, it would be all over the news.


  3. Shakti on said:

    ask students in my Hispanic Civ course what they associate Mexico with and the response is invariably “drugs, immigrants and beaches.” Wouldn’t it be simply awesome if Mexico added “science and invention” to that list?

    Don’t they realize chocolate, vanilla, and peppers are basically Mexican (and Guatemalan)?


  4. I googled the guy’s name and found it reported by multiple sources. I hope it works, but I’m still inclined to be skeptical of all these clickbait headlines, especially when they involved “revolutionary” new inventions.
    According to this article, they have just raised enough money to start testing it:


    • I know, people only want to hear bad news. That’s true in all opulent societies. If the headline said, “Trump ate15 babies “, everybody would love it. And nobody would be sceptical.


      • For the record, I would also be skeptical of that claim. No one could possibly eat that many babies.
        Seriously, though, I am also double-checking all the very bad clickbait headlines I see, for the sake of my mental health if nothing else. A while back there was an article claiming that Trump was cutting off all disaster funding to California, and it somehow turned out to be publicity for an upcoming movie.


    • As for this being “clickbait”, I published a first hand account about this competition. It attracted zero interest. No comments, no clicks and definitely no links. This kind of stuff is the last thing on the planet that can count as clickbait.


      • “Clickbait headlines” don’t necessarily mean lies, but they tend to be either more optimistic or more panic inducing than an honest report would be. Aside from all the articles saying that this invention would render mammograms obsolete, there was one from from Natural News claiming that this product would never see the light of day due to the “mammogram racket.”
        Neither of those headlines reflect the reality that this is a promising prototype with a long way to go before anyone will even know if it is effective.
        I think it’s best to be cautiously optimistic about these things, simply because there are so many that seem promising but turn out not to be practical for one reason or another.

        Still, good for Julian. I don’t mean to discredit what he’s done so far.


  5. “Wouldn’t it be simply awesome if Mexico added “science and invention” to that list?”

    All credit and respect to the inventor and I hope it’s very successful and I agree that associations of Mexico with “science and invention” would be great….. but there’s a reason that isn’t the association isn’t made now and it’s not just ignorance.

    Mexico is one of the those countries with massive potential that never comes close to fruition for lots of complicated reasons. I’d love to see it happen but I’m not going to hold my breath…


    • Oh, of course, absolutely. Believe me, if anybody knows this it’s me. There is a lot of work that needs to be done until Mexico’s image is changed. Ukraine is very similar in this respect. Everybody thinks we are all about whores and bandits because we mostly are. I wish we weren’t but it is what it is.


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