Hobby Destroyed

I had this innocent little hobby where I’d buy a couple of magazines every month and read them on the verandah or in the bathtub. But now the hobby has been killed for me. Every time I go to the bookstore, all I see are rows of magazines that have Trump on the cover and promise nothing but permutations of the seemingly inexhaustible Trump topic. 

I got so desperate that I approached the lady mag section. But the first one I opened had an article on Ivanka’ s new book on working girls or something. So I left without a purchase. 

There is so much fascinating, good stuff happening. But it’s extremely hard to trace it because everywhere one looks it’s all Trumpocalypse all of the time. I don’t think there’s much of a chance to unseat somebody who manages to make himself so relevant for so long. 


4 thoughts on “Hobby Destroyed”

  1. Stop with the political magazines and read something from a genre of magazine you’ve never read before, even if it looks inane. Gun magazines, knitting magazines, architectural magazines offer a world of cliches you don’t know about yet. Also writer’s market and illustrator magazines are fun.
    The ads are different too.
    Yes I realize adding a new flavor of consumerism might defeat the purpose of your innocent little hobby.


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