Sic Transit and Transit and Transit

Comey gave Trump the presidency, and in return Trump not only fired but humiliated him.  

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. 

Let’s see who’s the next expendable simpleton. 


3 thoughts on “Sic Transit and Transit and Transit”

  1. I have something to thank Trump for:

    With US regulatory scrutiny tightening, particularly under President Trump, China turns its gaze to Israel in its search for the hottest technology; increased focus on Israel exemplified by tenfold jump in Chinese investment in the start-up nation’s tech know-how in cyber security and medical devices, which have reached record heights of $16.5 billion.,7340,L-4960618,00.html

    In other news, in Germany:

    A German military officer, who identifies with the far-right, is suspected of impersonating a Syrian refugee with the alleged intention of assassinating a political figures.

    Police arrested a third person in the strange affair that has rocked Germany over the past two weeks. According to suspicions, the officer planned to assassinate a political figure and leave traces that would lead to his fictitious identity—and thus lay the blame on the refugees.,7340,L-4960276,00.html

    See what some uncomfortable with fluidity Germans are doing? Why do you think Trump’s wall will appease anybody for long, especially when it won’t help anybody?


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