A Reminder about the Russians

It’s like people are congenitally incapable of learning. The media are bursting with the endless speculation as to why Comey was fired. Nobody has been able to interiorize a simple fact: Putin wants to see the US in utter disarray to bolster his argument that democracy always leads to chaos. 

That’s what he wants. Chaos, disruption, confusion. And these days he gets exactly what he wants in the US.

There is no other goal beyond the chaos. The chaos is the end in itself. 

I don’t have the slightest doubt that Putin is over the moon about the investigation of the Russian involvement in the US election. If the investigation stalls, I’m sure he’ll feed it. This is why I hate Maddow with her dumb show. There wasn’t a peep out of her about Russians when it could have had a positive impact. But now, when this talk of Russians does nothing but feed Putin’s ego, she can’t shut up. 

If Trump is impeached, this will do zero good to us (Mr. Fanatic Pence, hello) but will make Putin ultra happy and strengthen him to keep messing with the electoral process in the US.


6 thoughts on “A Reminder about the Russians”

  1. The whole line of succession is scary right now. Even if we somehow manage to avoid Pence, Ryan is up next (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_presidential_line_of_succession). Pence or Drumpf, liberals are going to have to fight tooth and nail to make sure the Republicans don’t pass disastrous policy. Even if Putin relishes in the chaos of Drumpf’s impeachment, I would at least be happy that US stood up for its democratic ideals. Do you think there is an option that is both good for the US and bad for Putin?


    1. “Do you think there is an option that is both good for the US and bad for Putin?”

      • Of course. A stable, flourishing democracy with an improving standard of living for everybody plus constant technological advancement and universal healthcare in the US would drive Putin crazy.


      1. Right, but is that possible with the Donald as president? I would think leaving him in power is the opposite of a stable, flourishing democracy…


        1. Pence will strengthen the Republican brand because he knows what he’s doing. And Trump doesn’t. he is weakening the brand.

          The choice right now is between horrible and really horrible. I don’t like to be negative, believe me, but I’m just not seeing a ton of positivity in the direction of US politics.


          1. Oh I sadly agree that the choice is between two horrible things. I’m just not sure which is actually more horrible, so I was curious about your opinion.

            I guess I feel like we’ve had competent administrations that I vehemently disagreed with in the past, and the country got through it eventually. I am less certain that we will survive the naked perversion of the government by the current administration… but politics/history are not my specialty, so I’m always interested in the arguments of others who are more informed!


  2. Job one should be security of our elections and vote counting. The best way to ensure security is to ban use of computers anywhere and everywhere in the election process. I know some will find it difficult to believe, but until recently we carried our elections off without a single computer, and the integrity of our elections was unchallenged (except perhaps in Chicago). I repeat, the way to restore confidence in democracy is to ban the use of computers in the process.


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