Audible Guilt 

So I decided to relax by scrolling down my Facebook feed. Item #2 was an ad from Audible titled How to Build Self-discipline. The worst part was that I immediately started an inner monologue about how I had worked all day and had only opened Facebook a second before and I’m not really lazy. Finally, the guilt became too much and I closed Facebook. 

Fuck you, Audible.

2 thoughts on “Audible Guilt 

  1. “Finally, the guilt became too much and I closed Facebook”

    So… what you’re saying is that you lack the self-discipline needed to just relax? Maybe a book would help. I hear there’s a good one at audible!


  2. Or perhaps you should have never listened to that snake clinging to the tree in the Garden of Eden, and never bitten into those apples called Facebook 0r Twitter at all.

    Hey, Clarissa, you claim to be a highly-educated academic Jewish woman. Didn’t the Torah teach you that Eve was supposed to be wise and not clever, and to know which poisonous plants to avoid?

    I’m neither Jew nor believer — but I get through the day with neither Facebook nor Twitter to torment my atheistic soul.

    Yes, I get the daily news from a daily whirlpool of CNN, Fox, MSNBC, amd PRN, and occasionally local news channels. And when I get tired of all that garbage, I simply switch to one of the three channels on my DISH Network Programming that show 24/7 “Law and Order” reruns.

    And I stay quite sane following this regimen. Perhaps you should consider
    gradually incorporating it into your schedule as as you get older. 🙂


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