Fuel of Success

“The upper middle class families have become greenhouses for the cultivation of human capital. Children raised in them are on a different track to ordinary Americans, right from the very beginning,” he writes.

This is all ridiculous, just ridiculous. Have people lost their powers of observation completely? Why do they write such crap?

The most successful, happy and content people are the ones who were fueled by the greatest amount of love as children. There’s nothing else that works. The fuel of success is childhood love. Prep schools, tutors, it’s all a joke. 

This is why the discussion of, say, the genetical component of intelligence is a waste of time. Of course, intelligence is passed down genetically. But who cares? That genetic heritage will go to waste if the person isn’t propelled by the only thing that fuels success. 

If you want to give your kids opportunities in life, shower them with love, unconditional acceptance and adoration. 


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