Hidden Toilets

It’s only in the East Coast that I’ve seen restaurants and coffee shops bar access to the restrooms and require patrons to hunt around for a key.


9 thoughts on “Hidden Toilets”

  1. It happens out West, too.

    The last time I was driving through California, I saw a sign in a gas station that read, “YOU CAN’T HAVE THE KEY TO THE RESTROOM IF YOU DON’T BUY GAS — SO DON’T ASK!”


  2. Do they have that horrible blue lighting system that’s supposed to deter drug users too? I hate that, can’t imagine what it’s like for the cleaners who have to work under it.


  3. I thought it was nationwide. Anywhere they want to deter traffic, or think the restroom might be used for things illicit. I’ve seen it all kinds of places including, if I am not mistaken, Illinois


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