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Hidden Toilets

It’s only in the East Coast that I’ve seen restaurants and coffee shops bar access to the restrooms and require patrons to hunt around for a key.


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9 thoughts on “Hidden Toilets

  1. Dreidel on said:

    It happens out West, too.

    The last time I was driving through California, I saw a sign in a gas station that read, “YOU CAN’T HAVE THE KEY TO THE RESTROOM IF YOU DON’T BUY GAS — SO DON’T ASK!”


  2. raddledoldtart on said:

    Do they have that horrible blue lighting system that’s supposed to deter drug users too? I hate that, can’t imagine what it’s like for the cleaners who have to work under it.


    And peeing in the alley or behind the dumpsters will also get you arrested.


  4. I thought it was nationwide. Anywhere they want to deter traffic, or think the restroom might be used for things illicit. I’ve seen it all kinds of places including, if I am not mistaken, Illinois


  5. A very suitable post, I envy the Dutch now:


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