More Toilet Musings 

I was standing in my hotel room bathroom a minute ago, laughing my head off. I mean, I’d had two uncharacteristic cocktails earlier, so that’s part of it. But also, being in the town where I’d spent 4 years as a hard-partying graduate student and now suddenly realizing I’m very middle-aged, with a bottle of prescription medication, a blood sugar measuring device, and even dentures on my bathroom counter. OK, it’s not real dentures but that mouthguard thingy but it’s the same thing. 

I so wish somebody could have told me back when I was living here how this story was going to end. I was deeply unhappy here, and if I could have gotten a tiny little glimpse of myself 14 years later, with my family, my books, my nice clothes, my driver’s license, my savings account, and even my dentures, it would have made things much easier. 

It might seem that I spend all of my time in New Haven visiting toilets but I promise to reverse this trend in the coming days. 


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