Police Yourself!

Inside Higher Ed, on the other hand, is a reliable bunch of laughs every time. Please see following and remember that this is a college professor writing:

In complimenting someone on their hair or how they look in a certain outfit, it sends the message that appearance matters and implies that when you do not offer a compliment, it might be a day when you do not look as well. Also, moments focused on image steals away time when we could talk about what someone thinks, or how someone’s day went.

Do read the rest. It’s just as rewarding in its sheer lunacy as the quote. And the command of the language is priceless. 


5 thoughts on “Police Yourself!”

  1. Believe it or not, you don’t need a Ph.D. to be that stupid. I remember reading an article by a (presumably bald) writer who said that no self-respecting bald actor should ever agree to wear a wig or hairpiece for a role, because that would be acknowledging that baldness is undesirable.


  2. Plays a spinet or a harpsicord, faints
    “If you fail to offer a lady a compliment, it means she does not look well. That is an insult you must avoid by always offering one compliment when you see her. Conversely, never compliment her, if you do not wish to give the undue impression of the nature of your affections.”

    The syntax and reasoning are so tortured I wonder that her kids don’t have a complex despite her best efforts.


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