The Tender Flowers

A Dean at Yale was fired when students discovered she’d posted “insensitive reviews” on Yelp and the entire student body started having fainting fits.

Hey, I guess I’m never getting hired by Yale given the way I write on my blog.  


9 thoughts on “The Tender Flowers”

  1. I see a huge difference between hers and yours writing. You do not call people around you “white trash.” Some commenters have also seen a veiled reference to African Americans in Chu’s “praising a movie theater for its lack of “sketchy crowds” despite being located in New Haven.” Either way she had a sense of false security and personal invincibility to write anything unsuitable for 100% PC professional persona under her real name.

    There is no little irony in Hillary Clinton continuing to run after talking about deplorables, while some of Hillary’s supporters were surely for Chu’s resignation. I do not even mention Trump.

    Btw, I was completely surprised by the following since I saw zero problem with Chu’s comment:

    \ Another anonymous student in Pierson said he and his friends found her reviews inappropriate, particularly one of The Mochi Store in New Haven, in which Chu wrote that the establishment would be acceptable only to a “white person who has no clue what mochi is.”


    1. Fuck them from here to hell with their references. I lived in fucking New Haven for years. It is very unsafe. I was mugged (and not by African Americans, if that matters). Everybody I know there was mugged or assaulted at some point. What, one shouldn’t mention this because some self-righteous fuck decides it’s somehow racist to mention that the state is poor and messed up?

      Hate these smug PC fuckers. I wonder if it isn’t their rich politician parents who fucked up the state so that now the kiddies can persecute anybody who dares notice it’s a mess.


    2. The Mochi Store in New Haven, in which Chu wrote that the establishment would be acceptable only to a “white person who has no clue what mochi is.”
      How dare you insult an establishment by saying they don’t have authentic mochi!

      This just sounds like some town gown tensions which have been around forever. She insults the crowds! She insults the town! She insults the one mochi store! Clearly if I went back to my college town and had reviewed the restaurants there, I’d never be hired.


      1. But the town doesn’t have a problem with her. The snowflakes do. It’s the same kids who were screaming in pain over an email about Halloween costumes.

        Actual New Haven residents know that the area is a dump.


        1. \ But the town doesn’t have a problem with her. The snowflakes do.

          I read a comment saying that her students work at those establishments, so she showed her opinion about them in her reviews.

          From your comments, I understood that the students there are mainly rich and not likely to work in any stores.


          1. OK, here is how it works and I know it from personal first-hand experience. Students who work at Yale Daily News find a professor they don’t like or their friends don’t like. So they start digging for information aimed at destroying the unlikeable professor. If there is no such information, they invent it. So the only “establishment” they “work” at is the student newspaper, and this is how it works. Any professor who doesn’t praise them all day long and gives anything lower than an A on every assignment can become a target.


  2. The person in question seems to be about as special snowflakey as it gets. Her literal job is to deal with students all day long, so reputation does matter. And apparently she brought attention to her Yelp reviews herself, as a point of pride. I’ll lose no sleep over this particular person having lost this job.

    As a point of principle though, people should certainly not be fired for whatever nonsense they get up to outside work. Note that she hasn’t been fired – she resigned, without any officially recognised pressure from the institution.

    What may be happening now is a situation where it makes more sense for your future career prospects to fall on the sword of sensitivity and affirm the correctness of the culture rather than fight to keep the job you have.

    And I’m kind of over blaming uppity students over hiring and firing decisions. It’s the institution’s job to deal with staff issues, whatever the outside pressures are. If they can’t help but to give into pressure from the mommies and daddies of all the rich brats who study there, that’s a problem that needs to be solved regardless of what the rich brats currently believe.


    1. My literal job is also to deal with students, so what, I need to be fired because I write angry posts online?

      If this woman can be thrown out over entirely apolitical reviews, imagine what awaits somebody like me who is very opinionated and political online.

      So yeah, I lose sleep over this because I’m next. It’s easy to spot oneself with these rich brats bevause they are powerful and power is attractive. Who cares that they believe even the free time of their servants belongs to them? They will soon police our every waking moment just because they can and it’s fun. If there’s a difference between this and the companies that limit bathroom breaks for employees, I fail to see it.


      1. What if my conservative students object to the opinions on gay rights or Trump or abortion that I express on the blog and try to get me fired over them? How will that be different from this case?


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