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It’s deeply immoral even to discuss whether to give medication to people who overdose or let them just die. It’s impossible to let a person in front of you die for lack of medication and still preserve your humanity. 

This is a rich country. I will never believe it can’t find the money for enough naxolone to save overdosed addicts. Yes, they are addicts and they absolutely 100% choose to stay addicted every single day. What this has to do with whether to save their lives or not is a complete mystery to me. If there is a manual on how to evaluate whether a human being is deserving of meds that will save their life, I surely haven’t read it. 

Far more despicable than the choice to shoot up heroin is the choice to be a self-righteous murderer of the human beings you deem inferior to your entirely virtuous self. 


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5 thoughts on “Immoral 

  1. Anon on said:

    Recently I came across this news item in Fox News of all places, where apparently the mayor of a small Ohio town wants to implement a law where EMTs will not respond to a third overdose:

    I cannot believe this sort of thing is part of the national conversation now.


    • I also can’t wrap my head around this. I don’t use the word fascism lightly but when you start to decide who’s fit to survive, that’s very damn close to it.

      Also, where are the fucking pro lifers in this discussion? The anti euthanasia people? Where are their protests, marches, outrage?

      Damned hypocrites. Hate them.


      • Shakti on said:

        Also, where are the fucking pro lifers in this discussion? The anti euthanasia people? Where are their protests, marches, outrage?
        Who knows?
        Prolifers stand for the proposition that women should not be able to control their reproduction. Pro-lifers were nowhere to be found in expanding maternity care under the ACA, which is what you’d expect from people who genuinely believe a fetus is a person. Anti-euthanasia people stand for the proposition that you do not decide when you die. There are plenty of anti euthanasia people who object to “mercy killings” but probably don’t see letting someone die as an act.

        There are plenty of pro lifers and anti-euthanasia people who are all for executions which is why they’ll be for saving an inmate who attempts suicide on death row but want the person to be executed.


    • Demotrash on said:

      Yeah, this guy is too near to me for comfort. I’m just glad he’s retiring next year. Of course, maybe we wouldn’t be having this debate if Kasich hadn’t slashed local government funding, but that’s Ohio republicans for ya


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