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It would be great if the missives people write to our administration asking for a salary raise and explaining how crucial their work is for higher education did not contain quite as many appalling grammar and spelling mistakes. 


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2 thoughts on “Self-defeating

  1. Alex on said:

    I know exactly what my white, liberal, US-born, upper-class-born colleagues would say:

    “Look, some of them weren’t born in the US.”

    “Well, they’re in technical fields.”

    Because a white, liberal, US-born, upper-class-born person only knows how to make excuses for people that they deem to be beneath them in politically sympathetic ways.


  2. Tal Hartsfeld on said:

    If one cannot put forth proof positive of credibility they’ll have a hell of a hard time convincing others of even any well-earned merit they may have.


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