Sunday Link Encyclopedia 

Yes, alien life forms do exist. And they are creepy as fuck.

Yes, the Trumpies have a weird reaction to the word “orange.” 

The sex police is energized and eager to persecute

I finally figured out what’s behind the moans of climate doomsayers. They describe their climate feelings as deeply erotic experiences. They are modern mystics.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia ”

  1. Interesting cooperation between Israeli hi-tech and Ukraine:

    Short of IT workers at home, Israeli startups recruit elsewhere

    Ukraine is the top destination with about 100 Israeli development centers. A strong tradition of maths and computer science teaching that is present in many countries in former Soviet Union countries means Ukraine has more than 20,000 IT graduates each year.

    The 1990s arrival of a million immigrants from former Soviet countries, many of them scientists who went to work for technology companies, has also created strong ties.

    Israeli companies have also recruited workers in other eastern European countries such as Poland and Bulgaria., which helps small businesses build websites and is one of Israel’s hottest tech companies, employs 120 workers in two development centers in Ukraine and another 80 at a site in Lithuania.

    “They are in the same time zone, they have a good level of English and all are Russian speakers. Some of our people here are former Russians,” said Boaz Inbal, general manager of Wix’s development centers. “We have direct flights to both countries. It’s easy for us to collaborate and communicate.”

    Salaries for software developers in Ukraine are about 40 percent lower than in Israel, said Andrey Link, an executive vice president at Ukrainian software engineering firm Infopulse.

    But he said: “The key argument in our favor is not the cost but availability. To find 2-3 people (in Israel) is not a problem, but if they need…an R&D center for 100 people, it is very difficult in Israel.”,7340,L-4981260,00.html


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