The Silence Is Deafening 

This week, the White House decided to make those emails from concerned citizens public through the commission’s new website. But the administration made a big mistake: It didn’t censor any of the personal information — such as names, email addresses, actual addresses, and phone numbers — included in those emails.

I want everybody to keep very quiet right now so that we can hear the uproarious outrage coming from our libertarian, anti-big government, Ayn Randian freedom-lovers. 

I’m sure they are about to have something to say regarding this totalitarian gesture. They’ve got to have at least some mousy little protest ready, right? 


4 thoughts on “The Silence Is Deafening ”

    1. That’s exactly what they are doing. The Politburo would totally approve. Now all that’s missing is the public shaming of the people who voted for the wrong person.


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