Constructing Us

Yes, this is funny. I laughed. 

Now tell me, what’s uranium? Please answer on the spot, don’t think about it, don’t Google, and don’t answer if you are a STEM professor. How do you think people you saw at the store, the gas station, in the street today would answer? How many would answer exactly like this? 

If he speaks like me and you turn up your nose at him and me, meaning us, why should I be on your side and not his? Why should I care about your Russian scandals if you didn’t care about them either until 2 seconds ago? 


18 thoughts on “Constructing Us”

  1. And here we come to the fundamental problem of democracy: Eventually we stop trying to choose those whom we think are best and start trying to choose those whom we think are common.

    In the first mode the criticism implied by posting that picture is completely appropriate. In the second mode the criticism implied by posting that picture is a good way to reelect him.


  2. I correctly thought it was a chemical element, but then I studied chemistry at high school, even if it was long ago. To be completely honest, I was not 100% sure my answer was correct till googling.


  3. Oi, Trump was ahead of me after all since I didn’t remember uranium was radioactive or connected to nuclear weapons.

    Trump : el
    1 : 0



  4. That isn’t the best example.

    On health insurance:

    “So pre-existing conditions are a tough deal. Because you are basically saying from the moment the insurance, you’re 21 years old, you start working and you’re paying $12 a year for insurance, and by the time you’re 70, you get a nice plan. Here’s something where you walk up and say, “I want my insurance.” It’s a very tough deal, but it is something that we’re doing a good job of.”

    His knowledge of the world is significantly less than that of a layperson. He could be clinically retarded. I doubt he could score more than 70 on any IQ test.

    “How do you think people you saw at the store, the gas station, in the street today would answer?”

    Maybe they’d score even on Uranium, but they’d do better on any general knowledge questionnaire.


      1. \ You can’t have a degree in Economics with a less than 120 IQ.

        David, you’re joking, right?
        If you mean BA, then of course you’re wrong.


      1. But with a 150 IQ, you can become a math wizard in Russia without any more general knowledge.
        Hélas, I am but mere average, unable to access the magic of the spheres and polygons! I cannot comprehend the strange charm of quarks dancing in subatomic space! Bore me with tangents! Bore me with slopes!



  5. Uranium is an element used in nuclear fission that’s highly radioactive. It can be used for destructive purposes like making nuclear bombs or to create energy for entire cities.

    I didn’t Google it, I’m not a STEM professor and my actual science education stopped almost 20 years ago and I was an average science student at best. I didn’t think about my answer either.

    This fuckface went to private schools and went to an Ivy League college. He has an elite education. I do not.

    If you don’t know couldn’t you hire someone who knows what the fuck they’re doing for the Department of Energy? Or has the ability to figure it out? Instead he has an idiot who barely passed his gut degree heading up the Department of Energy and a surgeon heading up HUD. That’s poor hiring from a so called wonderful CEO.

    Spare me this nonsense about how I’m an overly educated brainiac looking down on average schmoes. Business school courses are full of elevated words. You’d think he’d be able to string together a complete coherent sentence even if he’s pitching it at the level of second grade.

    As for the gas station? I know so many people who work in gas stations who are either going to college or have children who are going to medical school.


  6. Without Googling, I remembered quite a lot indeed about Uranium, but then again I used to win those quiz bowl type games on the regular.

    However, I could not remember its number on the periodic table. I used to have all known elements memorized completely but that was many years ago.

    That said, I don’t think I’d make a better president than Trump. He’s terrible, but I’d be worse. I’m pretty vengeful and a bit of a sociopath.

    Not good presidential material, nor someone who should be given great power.


  7. I don’t think I should answer this, because, while I’m not a STEM professor, I am a former physics major who did undergrad research in nuclear physics. Not exactly a good member of the representative population. :/


  8. Since I have the equivalent of a 3rd semester college class in chemistry, I should not answer this.

    It’s not the worse thing that Trump have said.

    In Canada, we had a Trump-like PM (in a way less populist fashion) from 2003 to 2013. In a press conference during an electoral campaign with the Montréal police chief, he said this about gun control (in French):

    “Pourquoi acheter des armements nucléaires pour s’amuser? C’est dangereux, et quand que c’est dans la maison, bien il peut y avoir un enfant qui sert de ça!”


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