Embrace Chaos

Remember how we talked about fluid capital and the erosion of all solid institutions and practices by the unchecked capital flows?

This fluidity is chaotic in nature. It’s not a single stream that goes in a well-defined direction. It’s a million tiny flows and rivulets that erode solidity. Fighting the chaos is exhausting and pointless. The only way is to embrace it. 

Are you sure you are not wasting too much energy on trying to bring order to chaos? 

7 thoughts on “Embrace Chaos”

  1. To what extent has solidity ever actually been a real thing? In the Bauman view, modernity-as-sculpture was not a natural state, but a project and a worldview, with specific effects and successes, but also blindspots and failures.


  2. Haha! I guess I needed to hear this today, as I fret about whether or not I will be granted tenure.


    1. Don’t fret, Fie. I think you will, but either way it’s out of your hands. Consider the beautiful life you will have either way. Because you will.


    1. Agree. It often seems to me that those who say to embrace chaos, are not actually experiencing it. In my own life I have found that embracing chaos means having to accept the order others make of it.

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      1. Agree, there’s a very limited and specifid way of dealing with inescapable chaos without losing one’s marbles, but IME embracing it is usually shorthand for ‘let other people make decisions for you’.

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