I’ve been sick for a very short time but already missed the tragic news about two terror acts in Germany. It’s not easy to follow real news these days because everything is drowned out by the noise from purposefully scandalous outbursts aimed at keeping us subdued and compliant. Many crucially important things are happening but we are unaware of them because we are mesmerized by the con artists who are waving a flashy object in front of us. 

If each of us makes a list of what we considered news this past week, we’ll see how much of it was trivial and aimed at duping us into passivity. And it’s not only political passivity but the intellectual, too. 

I used to have a fairly decent news feed that I’d created manually out of the sources I picked myself. But since the election my news feed began to get infected by empty, tabloid-like stories that communicate nothing but infertile gossip.

I knew it was going to happen. I was well-aware that both politics and reporting would be emptied of all content in favor of hardcore entertainment. But I expected it to be a gradual process. Instead, it all happened within a single year. 
What I want to do is to start a Real News blog series where we can discuss important stories and not this goddamn fluff about stars’ hand-holdings, brawls, and divorces. 


9 thoughts on “Subdued”

      1. Off the top of my head Konstanz sounds more like a gang/mafia thing and not terrorism/refugee related (side not: Angela Merkel has now fused the two concepts refugee and terrorist in most European’s minds…. waht an accomplishment!)

        I was just bemoaning last week or so how hard it is now to follow news stories on the internet now. It takes time and determination to not just get sucked into the flow of nonsense, clickbait and faux outrage..


          1. “They always say that when it’s terrorism.”

            Actually they always say that when the assailant is a refugee and/or muslim. And one of the underrported stories is the scale of garden variety crime carried out by the Merkelyouth (hard to cover up when firearms are used). i’m still saying drug/gang related until further info emerges.

            Also, lone wolf terror attacks are always ascribed to ‘mental illness’ ….


      1. Like I sais, Merkel, with one bad policy decision has undone decades of work regarding real refugees, and now the term in Europe is all but synonomous with ‘petty thug’.

        Quite a legacy she’s built for herself (between that and her vendetta against Greece) and she’s in no mood to stop doing damage to the EU.


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