Articles of Faith

Yet another article of faith these days is that capitalism favors productive work over reproductive work “putting at risk the reproduction of life itself.”* The last I heard, the planet is definitely not hurting for people. Depopulation of Planet Earth is not what’s happened since the birth and implantation of capitalism. Actually, the world population exploded thanks to the improvements in the quality of life, medical advances, reduction in starvation, and other horrible nasty things brought to us by evil, oppressive and capitalist Enlightenment.

*It was invented by that “happy Medieval infanticiding prostitutes” critic I wrote about recently.

2 thoughts on “Articles of Faith”

  1. I remember that back in college in the early 90s, “The Enlightenment is the source of all evil” was huge in the humanities. People were coming up with these weird fantasies of medieval Europe as some kind of happy egalitarian paradise before the bad old Enlightenment came along and ruined everything.

    I guess that idea never went away.


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