And Then Came Trump

The author I was talking about yesterday predicted back in 2015 that the role of intellectuals and artists in the media will grow because

they are the ones who will be in a more favorable position in the media environment, While experts and politicians undoubtedly have considerable visibility and authority in that media ‘reality,’ their discourse is dull, limited, and excessively specialized.

Only 2 years ago, imagine that.


2 thoughts on “And Then Came Trump”

  1. My theory is that this guy is failing upward. Each new failure (of his theories to actually materialize or even bear any connection with reality) somehow brings him more status.


    1. Oh yes. The important thing is to parrot the lingo and the platitudes of the in-crowd. How divorced any of it is from reality is entirely irrelevant.

      And I obviously haven’t been able to get past this bothering me so much. I believe in the pursuit of truth, I believe that truth exists and is knowable. I believe there is reality we can understand through the use of our intellect. This makes me very unpopular and suspicious in scholarly circles.


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