Rhetorical Questions

I am happy for anyone from a disadvantaged group to be hired, promoted, or published over me.

Is there anything but the deepest contempt for “disadvantaged groups” in this statement? How does one live with being such a smug, superior individual? Why do people so lack self-awareness?


4 thoughts on “Rhetorical Questions”

  1. IME people who say things like that assume that no member of “a disadvantaged group” eve would be hired, promoted, or published over them.

    This is another tell for a narcissist (or something very close) a kind of expansiveness and grandness of spirit that is frankly, kind of repulsive and turns vicious the moment one of the recipients of their spiritual munificence actually is hired, promoted or published over them.


    1. And yet another advantage to be gained from this position is that whenever his article is rejected, etc., it can’t be because his writing isn’t good enough. No, it’s all about him benevolently stepping out of the way for a disadvantaged person. So he never has to face his own shortcomings. And he can always feel superior to the poor, needy victims that can’t do without his charity.


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